Copy Kitty 1.0

The first release that’s complete enough to call version 1! This doesn’t mean this is the last update, though. There’s an ending (and a secret one!) and enough gameplay to last a while, but the story is far from over!

New players will find it easier to get into the game, because I make certain things more obvious and easier to understand, and you can optionally start missions with a weapon. However, Hard Mode is also complete! For anyone who finds the rest of the game too easy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially the bosses!

For those who haven’t been following him, raocow has been doing a Let’s Play series of Copy Kitty, which is currently up to episode 12. You should watch it, it’s pretty great! He has over 2500 other videos too, if you want more where that came from.

Next update will focus more on Endless Mode, and adding more level themes.


Change log:

1.0 - “destroy the world!”

Lots of new stages and bosses.
Full combo meter gives you temporary powered-up weapons!
You can choose between several weapons to start each stage with.
Terrain generator changes based on what the ground type is.
Valkyries have worse eyesight.
A few minor level edits.
if you have “auto switch” on and run out of ammo, you switch to another weapon.
Gear is slightly homing because nobody liked it.
Other controls are mappable to the arrow keys - it’s no longer overridden.
Because of that, I added an emergency options-reset button to the start screen.

New hit/kill effects to make it easier to see if you’re doing damage.
Title screen animates a little slower.
Changed some text to clarify a few things, like the HUD types.
Leethee/Inensi tripwires are bluer to differentiate them from barriers.
Exploder Exchikkes have a different aura.
Refraction added to water.
Health bar says your character name instead of “HP”.
Boss health bars are shown in chunks, to make gauging strength easier.
Low health effect changed, so it’s more noticeable but less obtrusive.
One new ground type.
Ground animates a little differently.
"GUARD!" or "REFLECT!" text when a shot is blocked.

When you attempt to fire a super shot with no ammo, an error sound is played.
New songs and sound effects. Includes Thremnat death sound.

-New Enemies
Bunch of new bosses.
All existing bosses have powered-up forms for hard mode.
Lots more enemies have upgraded versions, including hovercrabs and tankcrabs.
Volt Indmai, which creates spinning lightning bolts.
Konsoob, a gloopy thing which appears late in the game.

Story scenes and ending!
A few new modifiers, including tankcrabs.
New enemy option in editor: make the enemy invincible.
Gunner Thremnats begin missions without the teleport animation now.



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