Copy Kitty press kit

This is the press page for Copy Kitty by Nuclear Strawberry, available for Windows through Steam and If you're writing an article about our game, hopefully everything you need is right here! (If not, contact me.)



Boki can copy the special abilities of any foe, and then combine up to 3 of them into a unique super-weapon! Blast through hordes of evil robots in cyberspace, while training to become a superhero!

There's 175 combined weapons total, with the majority of them being entirely hand-made rather than simply mixing the base properties. Boki's insect uncle Savant is also playable as a bonus character, with entirely new mechanics and a new set of 100 combined weapons.

Story Mode has 135 short missions with plenty of boss fights, focusing on using Boki's copy ability in creative ways. Endless Mode is survival-based, with constantly-changing terrain and about 30 distinct environments to go through.

The game includes a very extensive level editor, including swapping enemy weapons around and making multi-phase boss battles. The free demo includes 5 whole worlds, the main path of Endless Mode, and a limited version of the editor.


Nuclear Strawberry consists of just two people, Azure and Raibys. We met about 10 years ago, started dating about a year later, and started making games together. Copy Kitty's our first big project. It started near the beginning of 2011 as a little mini-game to pass some time, but took over 7 years to finish.


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2304x768 (no logo)




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Other Info

  • Developer: Nuclear Strawberry
  • Publisher (on Steam): Degica
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Original full release date: Apr 19, 2018
  • Language: English
  • Price: $14.99 USD (with a free demo available)
  • Contact:

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