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Ancient Pylons

Alright, so I guess here we are in the bottom of this, apparently undiscovered? Electric pyramid, which I totally meant to take us to..!

All that stuff about getting lost underground, and getting electrocuted and then crying on camera... that was just to... build dramatic tension, yeah!

Psst! You're sure this is safe, right? These electric kill-rocks you told me to avoid are still everywhere!

Affirmative. The electrite crystals in this array do not generate nearly as much voltage as the sample you encountered previously. In addition, there is an insulating mineral casing around the crystals, preventing unintended electrical arcs from occurring.

Electrical energy is flowing upward through the pillars that are still functional. The base of the pyramid might be providing power for machinery on the higher floors.

Guess pyramids aren't just for dead people after all. Well, unless someone's trying to use the electricity to bring people back to life as zombies!

No zombies detected within the vicinity.

Now that I think about it... I wonder what this place is even for, anyway. These pillars go off in every direction as far as I can see!

My data on the subject of [Ancient Kitera Architecture and Electrite Technology] is limited. Would you like me to download more information about this topic?

Heck yeah, hurry up and do that! I have a sudden need for my squid to be well-versed in ancient underground cat technology pronto!

Confirmed. Commencing download...

>>!!!WARNING!!! Unidentified object approaching rapidly!

That doesn't sound good!