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Sunny Skies and Colorful Birds!

I can never get over how cool this place is! There's really nowhere like it in the solar system, and I've been a few places!

It's not just the fancy buildings, or the whole, being-on-a-floating-island thing. I mean the sights are amazing! But something about the air just gets me all energized when I'm up here...

Of course it's energizing, this sky is the closest we can get to the surface of the old world. And I can finally photosynthesize again...~

In the cold place where I came from, some of the Ozecia became nothing but dew droplets dancing on the wind, just to stay above the clouds and eat the suns' light. Their psionics vibrate with the planet's magnetics, and project ghostly auroras in the air. We might be able to see them in the sky from up here when it's night time.

Man, I want to meet some Aurorian-types up close someday. Imagine having a weightless body made of lasers!

I want to make friends with them. I think my strain is related to them, but the ones I met tried to kill me, a lot.

...Yeah, that's our planet for ya...

Well look at that, it's those blobs again!

Oh! Hi there!

It has been awhile...!

I know right? When even was the last time we were all in the same place?

The timing's really funny, too. Me and Cynna were just talking about you the other day!

Woah what the heck really?

Yeah, we saw your videos! Well some of them anyway. You were doing Syndomera in the newest ones, but I wasn't expecting to actually run into you while you were here! You've even got your camera out and everything.

And Nlthb, you're showing up in episodes now too! I didn't know you'd let people show you on camera.

Oh no, I've been perceived.

Um. It wasn't planned out, but I wanted to try, yes...!

I'm having fun.

Hehe yeah, we just got up to the city today! I'm already showing off some of the awesome views up here, and now I ran into you guys! So we're off to a good start.

So this is like a vlog for aliens, right? I wonder if they even have birds out there. What if they're screaming in terror and fainting at the unknowable sight of us?

Hello viewers. It's us, the birds.

We're Real, and we're coming to get you.