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To A New World

...uhh wow, that's disorienting. When I was a ghost I kiiiinda-sorta started remembering where all of the "me's" were all at once? My selves were all blurring together for a bit there...

It was really confusing! But now I'm back in my ship...? And I don't remember any of me being in here right now...

That's because I retained control of this... squid-familiar of yours. It moved you here for safekeeping when I commanded it to watch over your body.


...so this was graveyard-garden-me then, huh? The one that was doing the...videos...

Awww man! My squid didn't come with us, so none of that was caught on camera! Dang...

You may have overlooked that detail, but fortunately for you I did not. Since I still had a connection to this creature this entire time, it should have a record of all that transpired during our little trip... even if that trip was cut short thanks to your childish panicking.

Yeah, whoops, sorry about that! Thanks for making sure I got the footage!~

Hey, I know how to make it up to you! You can keep possessing my squid and be my cool sidekick for the rest of my adventure!


>SYSTEM ERROR. Rebooting...

Greetings, [NHIMOR]. How can I assist you today?

Aww, booooo.

Whatever, I'm already in my ship now. I need a change of scenery. Let's just go to another planet I guess. Closest one from here, just like before.

Confirmed. Preparing a course for Planet [RHIOTARA], using previous settings.